About Us

When we first adopted Theo five years ago, we had no idea what we were in for. We had always heard that animals have unique personalities, but had never experienced it ourselves. As soon as we brought Theo home, we knew that he was something special.

At first, we couldn't quite wrap our heads around what made Theo so unique. He was certainly a handsome dog, with his blonde fur, a black mask, and big, soulful eyes. But it wasn't just his looks that drew people to him. It was his personality.

Theo is a dog who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to let you know it. He is never one for long walks or games of fetch - no, Theo is all about the food. If there was one thing that could get him moving, it was the promise of a tasty treat or bone.

But there is more to Theo than just his love of food. Underneath his gruff exterior, there is a layer of gentleness and kindness that makes him impossible not to love. He has a way of looking at you with those big, sad eyes that makes you feel like he understands everything you are going through.

As Theo settled into our home all that time ago, I began to learn more about his past. He had been neglected and mistreated being from a puppy mill (I now know a lot more about these places). But despite all he had been through, he had emerged with a personality that was larger than life.

It wasn't long before Theo became a beloved fixture in our community. People would stop us on the street to pet him, and he would bask in the attention. He may not be the most outgoing dog, but there was something about his grumpy demeanor that people found endearing.

As Theo has grown older, we’ve begun to realize that he is more than just a pet - he is a member of our family. And so, we’ve decided to build a brand around him to showcase the many over-the-top personalities that pets can take on. We wanted to celebrate the fact that animals are more than just cute and cuddly - they can have personalities that are just as complex as our own.

And so, the brand was born. We called it "The Grumpy Pet", and it has become a place where people can connect with us on social media about their own pets and the unique personalities that made/make them so special. We’re beta testing a line of products inspired by Theo's grumpy demeanor, including reusable pet water bottles (for every situation) and a line of unique clothing. More to come as we continue to testing.

Through it all, Theo has remained our muse. He may be a bit grumpy at times, but he is also one of the most loving and loyal creatures we have ever known. And we are truly grateful for every moment we get to spend with him. Hopefully our story inspires you to help us grow our brand and tell your story with us.